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NNW EMPIRE Ltd is an Information Technology Corporation conceived to offer Information and Communication Technology services such as website Design/Development, Graphic Design, photography and Video Production (mostly for advertisement), Information and Communication Technology Lessons (Programing Languages: HTML 5, CSS 3, JAVA SCRIPT, PHP, CMS and more) and High-Quality Reprographic Services. It is conceived to fill the void created by limited and inefficient Information Technology Services in Bamenda and its environs. The world is fast going digital and ICT is gradually becoming a part of everyday life. As a result, the creation of this Information Technology Corporation is to provide accessible, quality and cheap ICT services to the people of Bamenda and its environs but expanding to International level. NNW EMPIRE started by providing limited but gradually expanding Website Design /Development Services, Graphic Design Services, Reprographic Services. This enterprise is owned by NGONG NERI WULJUNBA-A, who oversees the management and work with competent staff to get the enterprise on a sound financial, operational and managerial footing.


The mission of NNW EMPIRE is to promote Website Design/Development and Graphic Design Sector Cameroon by arousing the population’s interest in ICT. Also, we are out to provide reliable local and international information and communication technology (ICT) training to people of all sexes and races. NNW EMPIRE is committed to providing services that will exceed the expectations of its customers, resulting in a successful and profitable business.


  1. To provide website design/development services that will exceed customers’ expectations.
  2. To provide optimum quality prints, according to customer’s demand.
  3. To establish an information and communication technology (ICT) HOME that will serve most, information and communication technology (ICT) needs of the inhabitants of Bamenda and the world at large if need be.
  4. To institute an information and communication technology (ICT) Learning Centre that will equip the youths to be technological giants.


Our vision focuses on providing prompt, holistic and reliable information and communication technology (ICT) service to schools, companies, non-governmental organization, and affordable ICT education to youths all over Cameroon and the world. Customer satisfaction is our top on the agenda of the enterprise

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